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An important question that keeps getting into my inbox (email) is how to stay motivated when starting a business or business. It seems that many beginner entrepreneurs have begun to pick up the stop one day, and soon thereafter, they shortly lose their goal on the way. The result is a kind of backward and forward push that lies between the will to progress, stagnation and procrastination.

How to start your first business or company?

How to start your first business or company?

I will not lie, many beginners and entrepreneurs are in this, and if you are in this situation right now, I know, the feeling is extremely frustrating and in most cases it generates stress. We know many people who are struggling to keep their business up and running going through this case while you are reading this article.

The good news is that there are many solutions to solve almost everything, and for that, fortunately there are some formulas. Below are some relevant tips on how you can always be motivated as you start your business, management and difficulties are appearing – enjoy!

Focus on the progress you are making

Focus on the progress you are making

The other day I was talking to a friend who was doing such a training for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs owning small and medium-sized businesses, he told me that he had made several changes and even had moved to a higher level in a very short period of time. However, the problem is that he could not see that progress happening. Instead, he seemed to focus on the time he was taking.

On the one hand, we can not blame him, this is normal for us impatient humans. We want things to happen as quickly and as quickly as possible. So by focusing on the wrong things and fixing them, many are prevented from making progress because they are not focused on what really matters. Essentially, they end up firing their own foot and end up having the same results.

The key is to focus on whatever progress you have made up to that point and go forward. For example, I usually celebrate any money I make, even if it was only $ 100 per week I made with a small change in my business strategies. And I mean, really celebrate. I felt so good doing the $ 100 that I am now doing five times that amount.

Focus on the marathon, not the sprint

Focus on the marathon, not the sprint

The other reason entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs fail to stay motivated is because they have run out quickly. It looks like they are feeling a fire and do 16 hours of work on Monday and then sleep until noon on Tuesday. It is not that they are lazy, it is that they have burned energy too fast. This type of conduct is also totally unsustainable.

What is the correction? She is very simple! Realize that starting a business is a long marathon. By focusing on endurance and resilience, you will soon understand that you should probably not try to do it all in just one day. It just does not work. Instead, focus on the most important tasks over established work goals.

This also helps you cultivate motivation in the long run. When we focus on sprints, we are only motivated to play the short game and what will give sustainability is the long game. However, when we are focused on the marathon, we are focused on staying motivated for a long period of time.

Focus on the goal


If you read motivational books about companies, startups and fintechs, you will notice how they all mention creating a vision, having a goal. This is because if you do not have a vision, a purpose, then you can not make concrete decisions.

And if you can not make the right decisions and understand that you can go wrong, you will not be motivated because you do not have the priorities tuned to your goals. In other words, it is another way to burn your stock of motivation.

To stay motivated for a long time, you must create a purpose, have broad vision of the business:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Who is your company for?
  • What is the purpose of all that you are doing?
  • With which you are working?
  • Why do you work with it?

By answering your own questions, you will have reason to be motivated as you build your business and develop your products, services, and business.

Final conclusion


Final conclusion


Although it seems that the ability to stay motivated is easier for some people than others, the truth is that everyone has to struggle to reach a place in the sun.

The difference is probably in how they see your accomplishments and how your vision is being designed and triggered. This, in turn, allows them to always be motivated when starting their first business and managing their small business .

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